By entering this site you are validating that you are above 18 years of age. Massagegram is not an escort agency. We purely specialize in massages in the New York/New Jersey area.

We can assure a high quality massage from one of our sensual models. Get ready to indulge in a erotic massage exploring your fantasies, we guarantee we will not disappoint. But what's even better is that we will come to you.

We can be discreet as you want, We'll keep your dirty little secret. But first, see what fits your taste. Feel free to browse through our select massage options.We can assure that our models are professional in the different techniques and will make sure to relax you with her sensational hands.

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Get lost in a fantasy of your own with this invigorating massage technique. The model slowly uses their whole body to massage your back and front, Leaving your whole body feeling relaxed and at ease.


Couples, bring your significant other and double the pleasure. Two of our models can tend to you and your partner's desires. Two of our models can tend to you and your partner's desires let them dominate your entire body.


Does a beautiful model with beautiful feet turn you on? One of our models will gladly massage your entire body using only her feet! Feel free to worship those feet and let them dominate your entire body.

Mutual Massage

Feeling a little generous? Why don't you feel on one of us. Our models love being massaged and touched. So take the position of masseuse and show them how it's done. But after you're done, we'll show you.

Give a Massage

Not really looking for your satisfaction? Want to explore one of our sexy models instead? Feel free to rub your hands over every nook and cranny our models possess. You'll love the feel of their soft supple skin.

Two Models

Double the pleasure, double the fun! How would you like twice as much of the attention? Think you can handle two experienced models simutaneously? Test your strength. Test your strength.


Ever wanted to be rubbed by a sexy nurse or a fiesty kitty? Our models can also roleplay into the outfit of your choice. Making your wildest fantasies really come true. Test your strength. Test your strength.

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"Massagegram really do aim to please. I quite enjoyed the soothing massage I recieved from the beautiful model that arrived at my door. Would definetly do it again. Test your strength. Test your strength."

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Massagegram Rates!

Pick your poison! Just kidding, there's nothing deadly about what our hands do. Just the feeling of having an invigorating massage while lost in your desires. Choose how much pleasure you need today.


per 30 minutes

In only thirty minutes our models can still leave you weak in the knees.

Long Stroke

per 60 minutes

Can't get enough? Get ready for an hour of pure passion and pleasure.


per 90 minutes

Take a seat, its gonna be a long ride.

Spice It Up?

per 90 minutes

Explore your kinks with us. I'm sure we'll have plenty to satisfy any Client.

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